Foreign qualifications

A foreign qualification is a bachelor or higher degree or an equivalent qualification awarded by a higher education provider outside Australia.

Individuals with completed foreign qualifications may apply for their foreign qualification to be approved as meeting the financial adviser education requirement.

The decision to approve a foreign qualification is often conditional on the completion of additional courses to ensure that the appropriate knowledge of Australian legislation and regulations has been obtained.

New advisers

When relying upon assessment of foreign qualifications, new financial advisers and individuals wishing to commence a career as a financial adviser must meet the education standard before they can sit the financial adviser exam or be registered as a provisional financial adviser.

Existing advisers

Financial advisers who are existing providers, have until 1 January 2026 to meet the education standard.

This includes obtaining approval of a foreign qualification, if the foreign qualification is relied upon to meet the standard.

How to make an application

Applications for approval of a foreign qualification assessment should be made via the application form below.

Obtain a Department of Education assessment

Before making an application, a person's qualification must be assessed by a Department of Education (DoE) or a DoE approved body to determine what level the foreign qualification is under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Required documents

The following documents must be attached to your application form:

  • certified copy of the DoE or DoE approved body assessment
  • certified copy of the academic transcript for the qualification
  • certified copy of the qualification award
  • certified copy of photo identification (passport or driver licence)
  • proof of name change: if you have changed your name from the name displayed on the documents, you must provide evidence (for example a marriage certificate or change of name document).

All documents must be certified within one year prior to submitting and translated in English.

Exam information

You can find important information about the financial adviser exam, including exam eligibility number for new entrants or considerations if you are yet to pass the exam, on the ASIC website.

I am

I am

Applicant details

(including country and area code)
Postal address

Foreign qualifications

How many qualifications are included in this Application?
Please ensure you include ALL your Australian and Foreign qualifications to be considered in this application.
A certified copy of the DoE or DoE approved body and a certified copy of the academic transcript for the qualification must be attached to the application form. All documents must be translated in English.
Maximum 5 files.
256 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, pdf, doc, docx.

Foreign qualification assessment declaration

You must provide all information that may be necessary to enable us to assess your foreign qualification(s). Treasury accepts no liability in the event of an error caused by incorrect or omitted information from you or third parties in our assessment.

Applicant’s declaration

  • I have read and understood the instructions on this application form and supplied all information requested.
  • The information I have provided is true, correct, and complete, and is not false or misleading.
    • I understand providing false or misleading information is an offence under Australian law and may result in relevant authorities being notified.
    • I understand the delegate may vary or reverse any decision it makes on the basis of incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information provided in my application.
  • I understand the information I have provided will be handled in accordance with Treasury's privacy statement.
  • I understand Treasury may contact relevant parties and institutions regarding the contents of my application. This may involve sharing my personal information with these parties for the purpose of identifying and verifying the information provided.
  • I understand Treasury may contact the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to verify relevant information and enable assessment of my application.
  • It is my responsibility as the applicant to notify regulatory bodies, employers or education providers of the outcome of a foreign qualifications assessment, where required.
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